The Association
In 1964 a Chinese congregation was established at St. Martin-in-the–Fields to serve the growing Chinese population in London, who were predominately migrant workers from Hong Kong. Due to language and cultural differences, many Chinese migrants were exploited.

Bishop Ho Ming Wah Association, set up as a charity in 1984, aims to address the social needs of the Chinese community in London. It operates its services through membership of a centre. In 2011 the Association was renamed ‘Bishop Ho Ming Wah Association and Community Centre’ to reflect our activities which are open to all ethnic groups.

The Association is named in memory of Bishop Ronald Owen Hall (Ho Ming Wah in Chinese) who was the Bishop of Hong Kong and Macau (1932 – 1966).

Our Mission
We exist to enhance and improve the quality of life of London residents, particularly the Chinese community, through support, influence, information and enrichment.

Our Values
We observe an open door policy to all, whatever their personal faith, ethnic or cultural background. We provide an holistic approach, caring for the whole person, body, mind and spirit; seeking to build harmonious relationships; with compassionate and relevant care for those in need, especially the poor, the marginalised and those neglected by society.