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Chinese Folk Dance Workshop

Come and learn popoular Chinese dances using fans, water sleeves, ribbons and handkerchiefs. Through beautiful postures and musical rhythms, experience the rich and colourful traditional Chinese culture, and cultivate artistic temperament.
Tutor: Ms. May Au (professional dancer)
Dates: Saturdays 29/02/2020, 14/03/2020, 28/3/2020
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Fee: £5.00 per session
Class may not run if under 10 people

Chinese Calligraphy class

Tutor: Zhu Liang Gong, Mr Zhu studies calligraphy for over 30 years, he is now the chairman of Zhu Zi Research Association at Wenzhou.
Every Friday 2.45 – 4.15 pm
Please prepare your own ink, while paper and brush can be bought from the tutor.
Fee: Member: £40 (10 sessions) / £6 per session (pay when you attend)
Temporary member: £70 (10 sessions) / £8 per session (pay when you attend)
Minimum 6 people for the class
These 10 sessions are trial, whether it will become a long term class will depend on the response.
Please contact Edith for signing up. Please click here for further details.

Seal Engraving Class

Tutor: William Cai
Every Thursday 4pm to 6pm
Fees: Member £65 (10 sessions) or £8 per session
Temporary member £90 (10 sessions) or £10 per session
Tutor will provide a graver for practice to those students who paid for 10 sessions.
Class includes:
History of seals, the art of seals, engraving steps and methods, seal script learning, seal design, practice engraving
Please contact Edith for signing up. Please click here for further details.

Fund Raising Services - For Details, Contact Mrs. Edith Lau

Haircutting Service - Mrs. Mak, volunteer for the Service in charge. This runs every Tuesdays from 1pm at the Centre. Prior appointment is needed. Suggested minimum donation per cut is £3.

Computer Repair & IT Coaching Service - Thanks to volunteers Mr. Lee and Mr. Tong ,our IT and electronic products experts.

Knife sharpening service - A service also provided by volunteers Mr. Lee & Mr. Tong. A suggested minimum donation of £1 per item.

Volunteer Recruitment

We welcome Centre Members to be volunteers for:
Male volunteers for the visiting services.
Interested members please contact Edith Lau.