Befriending Service

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Loneliness is a major problem for the aged and those who live alone. Older Chinese people especially feel socially isolated because of language and cultural barriers. The Befriending service aims to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation among older Chinese people living in London. Befrienders pay home visits to assigned clients in a group of 2 – 3 on a regular basis over a period of time. They act as companions to individuals, someone they can talk to, who will listen sympathetically and provide constructive response. The arrangements are always planned and agreed with individual clients in advance.

Because befriending involves supporting someone who is isolated, we assess volunteers carefully. Training is provided to prepare volunteers for the role of befriender. All befrienders will receive regular support, supervision and ongoing training.

The results of befriending can be very significant. Befriending can often help older people to remain independent in their own homes.

Are you interested in becoming a befriender?

If you know someone who you feel might benefit from our befriending services, please contact Edith Lau, or see Leaftlet for more information.